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And R
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As a 4-year sufferer of Boil infections, I'll show you how  I cured my infections and finally put a stop to the scarring, embarrassment and money wasted on expensive medications that just didn't work ...

What I'm about to reveal to you may be hard to believe at first. And I'll understand if you're a little skeptical. But it's the 'cross-my-heart-hope-to-die' TRUTH!


From: Christine Dawson


Dear Boil Infection Sufferer,


I feel your pain.

I was a chronic boil sufferer for close to 4 years and the damage to my skin could only be matched by my embarrassment and constant torment.

The boils were ugly ... and so I felt.

I felt like a leper ... having to stay at home and away from those fun family gatherings and parties ... it was like a living hell.

It's no cheap talk when I say I know what you're going through right now.

Just to walk out of my front door took a lot of courage. And the worst part of it all was that this wasn't a "disease" I contracted because I was careless or "immoral".

It's not like I went out, got drunk and then drove my car into a tree and so had to take the blame for my actions.

I mean ... if you eat a lot of junk food and don't exercise, you have no one to blame for your weight gain except yourself. BUT I did nothing 'wrong' in order to get this disease.

It wasn't any fault of my own and I know it's ...



My Worst Outbreak Ever ...

I could remember my worst outbreak like it was yesterday.

I had three large boils on my stomach, close to the scars from the boils I had just 3 weeks before ... throbbing with pain! But at least those were hidden beneath my clothes ...

Because on the right side of my face was another nasty boil, in plain sight, for everyone to see -- that one I couldn't hide.

This boil was an ugly mass of puss and swollen flesh.  It literally made my stomach churn when I looked at it ... I couldn't believe this was happening to me again.   

Now, this wasn't the largest boil I ever had, but it was clearly noticeable as the dark, deep bruise surrounding it made it hard to miss.

Doctor visits and dermatologists cost me thousands of dollars. I tried every "cure" I could get my hands on and I would get just temporary relief only to have another breakout again.


Antibiotics Didn't Help ...

Even Vancomycin and Zyvox (the last resort antibiotic) would only work for a time and then it was all back to square one again.

This was my story for almost 4 years.

I got so stressed and frustrated that I plunged myself into doing my own research to find a solution. The journey was downright tiring and each new 'miracle cure' only left me more skeptical to try yet another.

I never thought that I would ever find a solution and that this disease was just something I'd have to live with for the rest of my life. But just when I was about to give up, within 3 days of starting a new regimen my boils were gone!


Gone In 3 Days?!

This was just too good to be true at first and so I waited for my boils to return as usual. You just don't become convinced after almost four years of failed "solutions".

However, it didn't take me long to realize this time was different. The boils never returned and it has been over 21 months now!

That's why I've prepared this report that would outline step-by-step just what I did to cure my boils in 3 days.

And don't' get me started on those doctors and drug companies who are happy to keep you paying their expensive bills and buying their risky drugs knowing that these dangerous medications only mask the symptoms and don't deal with the root cause.

That's why I decided to write out my program to help hurting people like you to finally get the relief you deserve--not empty promises.

The last thing I want to see is another boil victim suffering for so many years as I did when the solution is just one click away ...

If you want to experience

  • A new confidence because your skin is now free from ugly boils 
  • Freedom from the swelling, scarring and the pain associated with Staph infection 
  • A simple solution to boil infection that wont cause you to break your bank account 
  • Freedom from embarrassment and feeling like a prisoner in your own skin 
  • A new joy for living that you never thought possible again ... 

you've come to the right place!

This Can Be Your Story Too!

But you don't have to take it from me. Just listen to what some people just like you wrote me to say about the difference How I Stopped 3 Years of Severe Boil Attacks made in their lives.


" I Wish the Doctor Told Me About This
A Long Time Ago . . . "


At first I was very skeptical about purchasing this report. I figured that if doctors couldn't stop my boils, nothing could.  However, I guess when you are as desperate as me, you will try just about anything to be sure. I had nasty skin boils showing up all the time and I had nothing left to turn to. So I figured what do I have to lose? This info has helped me substantially - especially  the surveys you provide that prove the effectiveness of what you recommend.  I wish the doctor told me about this stuff a long time ago - before I helped put his children through college with my doctor bills! Thank you so much for helping me end my stressful skin boil outbreaks.

Jay Lawson
Los Angeles, California


"It is so EXCITING to be able to go out and
Have a Normal Life Again . . . "

I had really bad skin boils in the past that would not go away. No boil treatment I tried would get rid of them.  I felt so hopeless because of it.  I would even stay in the house and not go out due to the pure embarrassment boils left me with.  You have really helped me. It is so EXCITING to be able to finally go out and have a normal life again. Thanks SO MUCH!!! 

Brittany R. 
Dayton, Ohio


"Within Days They Were Gone
And Haven't Come Back ..."


It is hard to put into words how much this information has helped me. My husband and I both suffered from recurring skin boils and we didn't have the insurance or money to keep going to the doctor to get treated. This information made skin boil treatment both affordable and easy. Within days they were gone and haven't come back.  You really broke this information down into easy steps to make this process very  simple to understand . Also, the links you provided were spot on. This program is completely "fool proof." Thank you so much!

Sarah Sanders
Lewisville, Texas



Can You Imagine Your Life Without
A Single Boil Outbreak?

I can’t believe this myself!

After three years of worry, anxiety and mounting medical bills — not to mention being afraid to even appear in public — I was finally able to enjoy a life free of aggressive skin boil infections.

This breakthrough has saved me so much money and emotional heartache ...

When I started sharing my ‘secret program’ with others and saw the results they were getting, I decided, “Why not compile this into a report and offer it to other boil victims who are suffering ... just like me?”

That’s when I wrote the report How I Stopped 3 Years of Severe Boil Attacks.

And here’s just a taste of what you’ll get in this report …

  My Boil Treatment Program
  • The ‘secret’ $7 herb for which you need no prescription that was 97.5% effective in providing immediate relief for Boil Victims. You’ll be surprised to see what these 242 test patients had to say about this “miracle cure.” 
  • A little-known oral compound   found in your local grocery store that was 98.5% effective in stopping even more severe Skin Boil Attacks (caused by vicious MRSA bacteria) in as little as 3 days! You will see the comments from these 73 users too!   
  • A topical, non-prescription solution found to cripple the bacteria on your body that cause nasty boils.    No longer do you have to worry about this frustrating condition stealing your happiness with this powerful solution in your arsenal.   
  • Where you can order these ‘secret’ natural remedies so you get the best quality at the cheapest price. TIP: The store is online.   
  • A step-by-step program  you can use to finally rid yourself of horrible Skin Boils in simple language anyone could understand. No medical and technical jargon to confuse you.   
  • The two  critical things you should know about boil attacks before you decide on using any program to relieve your infections. Without this knowledge you’re just shooting in the dark.    
  • How to boost your immune system so you’re less susceptible to further Skin Boil Attacks.   


A Cure In Simple Language ...

This eye-opening report was designed and written to save you a ton of research time — time I have already invested for you. You’ll find the information presented in a concise and well organized way so you can implement the advice as quickly and easily as possible.

What’s more, I kept in mind that you were looking for instant relief and not a doctoral thesis on bacteriology. So I included just the facts you needed to get your life back together again ... in as little as 3 days! 

Plus, you also get a Bonus Report (Valued at $37)  on the root cause of boils.  Staphylococcus Bacteria - Critical Information You Should Know ...  covers key information you should know about this dangerous bacteria that can potentially save your life ...   

This will give you all the “must know” facts such as:

  • The 4 deadly types of Staph bacteria to watch out for. 
  • 15 Risk factors associated with staph infections and how to dramatically lower your risks by using some simple precautions.  
  • 4 Ways Staph side steps your immune system leaving you vulnerable and open to more and more attacks. 
  • 10 Simple ways to boost your immune system and how to block the secret places through which bacteria enters your body. 
 Bonus Boil Treatment Info
  • 8 Strategies to protect yourself from vicious Staph bacteria both in the general community and around the house.    
  • 3 Sneaky ways bacteria beat your expensive antibiotics and how to make sure your body always has the advantage.  
  • Practical tips on how to prevent Staph infections and how to prevent spreading the disease to others ... including your family.  

This  35-page Special Report also includes a glossary of terms for a quick and easy reference when you're reading any literature on Staph bacteria.

As you can see, the report you're about to download will literally change your life ...

Just imagine a life free from Boils ... without the frustrations you are facing today ...

You can continue to pay unnecessary money to battle humiliating skin boil attacks, be plagued by more deep bruises and permanent scars, Or take the simple solution by downloading this report now.


It’s Time To Stop The Boil Attacks
And The High Doctor Bills
Once And For All

If you’re tired of spending your hard earned money on harsh medicine, special cleaning products and temporary 'medical treatments', then you know it’s time to stop the vicious cycle!

You see, according to latest research the average Skin Boil Victim spends $97 - $165 per month on over-the-counter products and cleaning supplies. This is in addition to another possible $510 - $620 per month on medical care.

Just imagine the money you could save by removing these expenses from your already strained budget ...

I know the needless outlay of funds that this solution has saved me and want to see you enjoy the same financial relief right away. So for less than what you'll typically pay at the pharmacy for any medication your doctor will prescribe you can now have my report right on your desktop.

Frankly, I could easily sell this information for over $300 considering what it will save you per month. However, I take into account that this is a digital product and there are no printing or shipping costs so I can easily pass on the savings to you.

So I won't ask you for anything close that figure.

In fact, you can immediately download these reports to your computer and start using the program right away for a mere $37. That’s less than one visit to the pharmacist to get your monthly products.

I genuinely want to help you and don't want to keep a penny of your money if my report doesn't do everything I promise it will do for you.

Just to prove this I’ll provide you with …

A Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee
**It Works or Its Free**

No, I'm not joking.  It’s simple ...  Either my program works for you or you get every last red cent of your money back!

I stand firmly behind the information you're about to get. Why? Because I know for a FACT it will work for you just as it has worked for so many others ...

However, everyone's body is different.  While it has worked for everyone so far, to say it will continue to have a 100% success rate would be an outright lie.  This is why I'm providing you such a cozy guarantee ... 

100% Guarantee

If it doesn't work for you I don't expect ... or want to keep your hard earned money. Simply fire off an email to me and I'll cheerfully refund your money in full ...

And The Reports Will Still Be Yours to Keep No Matter What!

This places all the risk squarely on my 'Boil free' shoulders. I really don’t want anything to stand in the way of you getting this life-changing information … let alone a mere $37 bucks.

The bottom line is that this program works for you or you pay absolutely nothing! You can’t lose.

So go ahead and click the "Add To Cart" button below which will take you to our trusted online payment processor and you'll be able to download the report within minutes!



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"Why Suffer A Day Longer
Than You Have To?"

It’s hard to imagine that only a few years ago I was pulling out my hair trying to escape the frustrations and depression of nasty boil infections.

But now this emotional and physical drain is replaced, not only by a clear bill of health, but the joy of helping others, just like you, do the same.

I’m now handing you the same opportunity to be healthy again and free from fear of Boil Attacks.  For the many people who have already downloaded this report, I’m yet to see one write me to say it didn’t work for them.

Just imagine what your life will be like again, free from ugly infections, your skin restored and reinvigorated, not having to worry about recurring attacks … and not having to avoid the social gatherings that once scared you to death.

This life can be yours again … I’m living proof!

So what are you waiting for?

Why suffer a day longer than you need to?

Relief is just one click away … it’s about time you get back the health you know you deserve.

You’ve suffered long enough ...

Christine Dawson

Christine Dawson

P.S.  It’s time to kill the root cause of your Boil Attacks rather than settle for just temporary relief. If this program worked for so many other people it will work for you--and you risk nothing in trying it out!

P.P.S.  As an additional special BONUS I’ll also provide you with FREE Lifetime updates to this report. So if I find any other information in my constant research I'll update the report and send you a new copy at no further cost to you.

Download your copy right away!

Good Luck and God Bless ...


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